Our Story

We're not your typical MBA finance bros looking to buy a business (we're not even MBA grads).

We don't consider ourselves as investors (though, we are fortunate to be backed by incredible ones like Mark Cuban, Atlanta Ventures, and many more).

We're builders, through and through, and we love the business of apps.

Our goal

We're here to make selling your app simple and give you the confidence that your app is in good hands.

We have the experience of taking apps from 0 to 1, and then 1 to 10, and love every step of the process.

Which is why developers have been excited to sell their app to us. We're in it for the long haul and we understand that your app's legacy is important.

Our goal is to make Interlock the forever home for your mobile app.

Our realization

We started our first businesses more than a decade ago. We even acquired our first app nearly a decade ago (2016)! 

Over the decade, we've seen every step of business from inception to sale. We've had dozens, if not hundreds, of investors and companies reach out about investing or acquiring one of our businesses.

We've been in your shoes before. We've gone through the process of trying to raise millions and failing, and then we've gone on to raise millions successfully. We've had conversations with potential acquirers just to waste months of time, and then we've also successfully sold businesses for millions.

After reflecting on our experiences, we found selling our business overly complicated and time intensive.

We believe it should be simple to sell a business.

This is why we built Interlock.

The genesis behind our firm


We acquired our first mobile app, jumping head first into the space. 2016 was a different time – within a week we had hundreds of thousands of downloads and were on the top of the App Store.


By this point, our experience led us to becoming a go-to-market partner for apps around the world. We spent the next few years building a media company that partnered with apps like TikTok and some of the top games on the app stores, driving tens of millions of installs across dozens of countries.


5 years into the journey, after many ups and downs, we exited/sold our media company. This is what inspired the launch of Interlock.


Interlock is live, funded, and acquiring apps.

Our mantra



Our goal is to uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct in all our dealings. Our word is our bond.



Every transaction is crafted for mutual benefit. We believe in creating value that rewards both parties — ensuring that when you succeed, we succeed.


No assholes

Our culture is built on respect and cooperation. We don't need or want to work with assholes.


Keep It Simple

We streamline complexity. Selling your app should be straightforward, so we’ve eliminated the unnecessary hurdles. Our process is transparent and efficient, designed for ease and peace of mind.



Execution is where ideas become reality. At Interlock, we don't just plan; we act. Our team's extensive experience ensures that from the first step to the last, we deliver results that exceed expectations.


Sustainable Growth

We are dedicated to growing your app sustainably. Our approach balances immediate objectives with long-term goals, ensuring that your app thrives today and is poised for future success under our stewardship.