We love to buy mobile apps.

Interlock Studios buys and builds iOS apps. We give app developers quick, uncomplicated cash exits. Our goal is to make Interlock the forever home for your mobile app.


Selling an app is hard. We make it easy.

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Your app is your passion, but perhaps it's time for a new chapter. Whether you're facing slowed growth, feeling the weight of maintenance, or itching to begin a fresh project, we step in to help transition your journey forward with ease.

The marketplace can be unforgiving, with buyers often unfamiliar with the iOS app ecosystem, dragging out negotiations, and presenting offers that undervalue your hard work. That's where we differ.

Our team has walked this path, building and divesting digital properties with a vision for better transactions. Interlock Studios was born from a desire to be the buyer we never had: informed, decisive, and fair.

We've streamlined the selling process, designed to be efficient, straightforward, and transparent. We aim for a 30-day start-to-finish process, respecting both your time and legacy. We're here to deliver an offer that's not just about the numbers—it's about recognizing your app's worth and potential.


Three Easy Steps to Sell Your App

/ 01 : Day 1-7

We'll Do Diligence

We'll want to ask a few questions and need access to your App Store Connect. This will be done through emails and a video call.

/ 02 : Day 8

We'll Give An Offer

We won't overcomplicate this. We standardize offers to keep terms simple. We offer both cash and earnout options.

If you agree to the offer, we'll ask a few more questions and dive deeper into the app, and move towards an exit.

/ 03 : Day 30

You Get An Exit

Then the fast and fun part! Once we've done our homework and you agree to the deal, we send the payment and you transfer the app.

This happens within an hour, and then you're off to what's next!

Why Sell to interlock?

Let's Compare Your Options

Venture Capital

Venture capital sounds great in theory... but it has downsides:

  • Massive paper valuation
  • 3-6 month process
  • No founder cash, just for growth
  • You need to commit 5+ years
  • Your equity could be worthless
  • Pressure to hit 100x+ returns
Private Equity

Private equity can get you an exit, but it's complicated. Here's how:

  • Full or partial cash out
  • 3-6 month process
  • Founders locked in with earnout
  • Your equity could be worthless
  • Your company gets flipped in 3-5 years
Interlock Studios

Here's a few of the reasons developers choose us:

  • Full or partial cash out
  • 30 day process
  • We keep the structure simple with cash upfront
  • We understand the iOS ecosystem
  • We plan to hold your app for the longterm

We Like To Buy Apps That Have:



Steady annual revenue exceeding $200K, demonstrating a strong market fit and user base.


Years Old

Established in the market for over three years, indicating stability and endurance.


Organic Traffic

Majority organic user acquisition, showcasing strong word-of-mouth and market presence.


Team Members

Operated by a compact, efficient team of 1 to 10 members. We're flexible on this.


Star Rating

Highly rated with 4+ stars, reflecting a commitment to quality and user satisfaction.



Consistently generating profits, affirming the app's durability.

Get A Free Valuation For Your App

We'll provide you an an estimated value of your app within a week. Even if you're not interested in selling. If it's too early, we're still excited to meet. We believe in long-term relationships.

Your app may be worth more than you think.